Sadhana offers Ayurveda &Yoga Therapy and collaborating with healers around the world.

Without a daily practice and personal care to our inner garden, we leave it up to the unpredictable. It is our birthright to live a beautiful fulfilling life. However many of us doesn’t know how to connect with their true nature.

That’s our service; help you to find that balance, you’ve been craving for!

A holistic session for your mind body and soul, customized for your needs through powerful healing treatments, coaching and Ayurvedic and Yogic lifestyle to release blocked emotions and habitual thought patterns that no longer serve our evolution.

Our goal is to give you time OFF where you can disconnect with your world to re-connect with yourself. Giving you rest and guidance.

SO, how it will look like :
Sadhana Offerings :

Ayurveda, Herbal medicine, Chakra balancing, Meditation, Yoga Therapy, and breath work…

GUIDANCE and INSPIRATION : Sophie will help you to increase your motivation. After a first consultation with an Ayurvedic reading method to figure where you are and where you want to go. She will assist you and give you exercices to attract what you want, re-connect with your true nature, channel your creative side, and a lot of fun tools that can bring you relieve.
What is Ayurveda :
Ayurveda is a traditional Indian medicine system used for thousands of years, which gave birth to Chinese Traditional Medicine. Is one of the world’s oldest holistic healing systems and it is based on the idea of balance in bodily functions and uses diet, herbal treatment and yoga exercises to maintain optimal health. Ayurveda is a science of life developed more than 3’000 years ago in India. It’s based on a delicate balance between the mind, body and spirit.
Sadhana’s program :
Sophie creates a program of care that is specific to the individual’s needs by using Ayurveda and Yoga to balance the imbalance and restore the participant natural radiant state.

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PROTECT YOUR EARTH : Sophie invites you to participate in some activities to bring awareness of the impact that your presence has on the population and environment, and attempt to minimize negative impacts. That can influence your action and educate you and others people around you on, how we can make a difference.

Actions : Buy local, Eat local, Attend permaculture class and get tips on how to grow an organic garden, Don’t litter, Reuse bottle water, Save electricity, Making your own natural cosmetic…