Whether you have never learned about Ayurveda before, it is your birthright to experience a balanced life.

Few basics of Ayurveda :

Ayurveda is one of the most ancient medicinal system recorded in the world, it is based on preventive medicine. In this regard, food is important, as the energy of food change not only your outside skin but also the subtle aspect of the energetic body.

The body is made from the five elements : SPACE – AIR – FIRE – WATER – EARTH.

From those five elements comes the body type/constitution called DOSHA.

VATTA – Space+Air

PITTA – Fire + Water

KAPHA – Earth + Water

Prakruti (Birth Dominant Elements):

Every person is born with the influence of the five elements and its three qualities and one element is more dominant, which is the Prakruti or the birth dominant.

Ayurveda describes nature as the united form of the five elements and the influences of the three forces – kapha, pitta and vata. We can see the influence of these forces in everything in nature, creating seasons, cycles and changes. For example, Spring is influenced by Kapha and then changes to Pitta during Summer to move to Vata in Winter. The role of Vata is to decompose things and release the elements back into nature to support the construction of new things and re-enter into Kapha.

Vikruti (Present Dominating elements)

When you are born, the influence of one or two elements will be considered as your birth dominant elements (prakruti). Your Prakruti won’t change, but with the influence of age, experiences and time passing, your body and mind will change while passing throug different ages, seasons and that will be considered as your present state and can be different than your Prakruti. This state is considered as an imbalanced state because of wrong food structure or lifestyle for a long period. The imbalance of Vikruti needs to be observed and corrected and it is important to follow the recommendations to balance your Vikruti and return to your natural balanced state.

Balance the imbalances

Whatever your Prakruti is, if you have an imbalance (vikruti), traditional Ayurveda recommends you to correct that imbalance before you start working with your birth-dominant elements (prakruti). Be aware that your Vikruti might not always be your Prakruti.

Ayurveda Online Test

This health test will help you to find your Vikruti (present dominant elements) in your body and mind. The test result determined together will show for you your physical and mental health.


After the Test is completed, you will talk with our Ayurvedic guest to receive step-by-step recommendations to guide you on the journey to optimal health. You’ll have access to Ayurvedic advices to support your diet, herbal product recommendations that match with your needs, and easy tutorial guides for dosha balancing yoga.

The characteristics of Kapha, Pitta and vata


Is the symbolic meaning of Love. Is generating Life.

Binds everything together, replaces new tissues, nourishes, suports stability.

Is Slow, Steady, Heavy, Solid, Cold, Oily, Dense.


Is the symbolic of light. Is maintaining life.

Controls the cycle of seasons, is pedagogic and organized, controls the body heat, promotes the vision of the eyes, helps the body to break down the food.

Is Hot, Light, Intense, Sharp, Pungent, Acidic.


Is the symbolic meaning of change/time. It promotes movements. Is supporting the nature’s recycling process by the theory of destruction for construction.

Is Light, Cold, dry, Rough, Moving, Quick, Changeable, Irregular.

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