This Ayurvedic reading will be providing specific, step-by-step recommendations to guide you on the journey to optimal health. You’ll have access to Ayurvedic tips to support your diet, herbal product recommendations that match with your needs, and easy tutorial guides for daily routine practices, and dosha balancing yoga.

Ayurvedic consultation – 90min

In this session, you will discover your Virkuti and your dominant dosha. Then, you will receive an appropriate balancing lifestyle with diet, practices, meditation… A whole qualitative perspective, to encourage you understanding which types of influences will be most supportive in your journey.

90,00 €

Ayurvedic inspired potions for ritual

Goddess transformation flower essence

Bach flower of Fleur d’Oranger

To enhance Shakti power here is a flower essence made with Fleur d’Oranger, freshly harvested from my garden in Ibiza. Sacred mantras chanted to the blessing water during the 9 days of Navatri Goddess festival. Rituels performed in front of a sacred altar with crystals and sacred chants to awaken your highest potential. High vibes and organic Spring water and fleur d’oranger + Fairy Absinthe

14,00 €


Indian Yoga bags hand-made with embroderies

Yoga bag embroidered tribal // Col.008 Mimosa

This yoga bag is made of antique hand-embroidered cotton and textiles, with intricate mirror embellishments. Can be worn cross body style or not with the long shoulder strap (non-adjustable). The inside is lined with colorful fabric. Those fabrics has been collected over the course of my travels over India, this mean they have stories and are all differents. Some bags have marks, blemishes and some has lost few mirrors or pearls. Fabrics are traditional and antique, not NEW, so don’t expect to receive a perfect brand new product. Due to their individuality, in the eyes of the women who threated those bags and myself, they have zero imperfections because they are completly unique from one another.

62,00 €