An extraordinary first collection of poetry by French poet Sophie Foucher: Each poem is connected to an illustration, each image representing her inner universe, with characters expressing the dimensions of love while living in a mystical reality. The poems explore the nature of love; and reflections on the mystical nature of life experience..

The Alchemy of Love

ebook in PDF and with the color illustrations

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This Ayurvedic reading will be providing specific, step-by-step recommendations to guide you on the journey to optimal health. You’ll have access to Ayurvedic tips to support your diet, herbal product recommendations that match with your needs, and easy tutorial guides for daily routine practices, and dosha balancing yoga.


Ayurvedic consultation – 1 hour

During this session, I will guide you to find your Vikruti and helping you to understand your individual constitution and tendencies that arise from it. That will bring you, more awareness to patterns and habits you are holding into

75.00 €

Ayurvedic consultation – 90min

In this session, you will discover your Virkuti and your dominant dosha. Then, you will receive an appropriate balancing lifestyle with diet, practices, meditation… A whole qualitative perspective, to encourage you understanding which types of influences will be most supportive in your journey.

90.00 €

5-pack Ayurvedic consultations

An Ayurvedic Consultation is a process of discovery for the practitioner and the patient. Many aspects of your current and past histories will be reviewed in order to understand your individual constitution, and what tendencies may arise from it. We will discuss and explore things like lifestyle choices, diet, pranayama, meditation, daily routine etc. and use this knowledge to help bring you back into balance, being one with awareness. we can become quite astute at knowing which types of experiences are going to support our health, and which might tend to sabotage our well-being. Choosing to follow an ayurvedic-pacifying lifestyle is a simple matter of practicing more discernment. It is an invitation to intentionally fill our days with supportive types of experiences, while limiting those that will be less so. As our understanding deepens, and as we begin to understand how, the very way we move through life becomes a powerful opportunity for healing. This pack is very transformative as you will be mentored through a long period of time, bringing slowly and with integrity the potential to sustain your optimum state of well being, becoming more autonomous.

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Indian Yoga bags hand-made with embroderies

Yoga bag embroidered tribal // Col.008 Mimosa

This yoga bag is made of antique hand-embroidered cotton and textiles, with intricate mirror embellishments. Can be worn cross body style or not with the long shoulder strap (non-adjustable). The inside is lined with colorful fabric. Those fabrics has been collected over the course of my travels over India, this mean they have stories and are all differents. Some bags have marks, blemishes and some has lost few mirrors or pearls. Fabrics are traditional and antique, not NEW, so don’t expect to receive a perfect brand new product. Due to their individuality, in the eyes of the women who threated those bags and myself, they have zero imperfections because they are completly unique from one another.

66.00 €